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New release and location for .NET Core port of MySQLConnector/Net

Back in October, I released a port of MySQL Connector targeting dnxcore50 (at the time, this was the moniker for .NET Core). It had just enough functionality to do what I needed, had no running tests, and didn't conform to the expected interfaces of new data providers - so it couldn't slot in to any ORMs. I upgraded it to target netstandard 1.5 when RC2 came out, but didn't do much with it other than that.

Over the past two days, I've had contributions to get CI builds running through AppVeyor and a large PR that retargeted to netstandard 1.3, which meant it could be built for other platforms too. Builds are now automated and on NuGet. The open source machine is working!

The repo has been relocated to https://github.com/SapientGuardian/mysql-connector-net-netstandard

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