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Making Firefox like Opera

It's been a good run, but with Opera 15 being little more than a skin of Chrome, and with growing compatibility issues with popular websites (Google products, Gawker blogs, etc.) on Opera 12, it's time to jump ship. I know what you're thinking; You hate Firefox, you hate Chrome, and neither has the rich features that Opera does. That's true, but with the right combination of extensions I've managed to make Firefox pretty close to Opera in terms of user interaction and features. So, here's what you need to make Firefox act like Opera 12.


Features unaccounted for

  • RSS/Mail
    • I'm currently using FeedDemon for RSS, which offers a toaster notification like Opera did, but I'm still looking for a browser-based solution.
  • IRC (I don't use this, so I won't be looking for it)
  • Torrent support (I don't use this, so I won't be looking for it)
  • Detailed page load info
    • The Extended Statusbar plugin is exactly what's needed, but it is incompatible with the current build of Firefox. Hopefully the author updates it.
    • In the mean time, I'm using app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor, which isn't quite the same info or as convenient.

Built in non-obvious features

  • Keyword searches ("g something" to search Google, "w something" to search Wikipedia...) are managed as bookmarks.
    • Add them by right clicking in a search field and clicking "Add a Keyword for this Search"
  • Importing bookmarks
    • I had some success exporting my Opera bookmarks as html, then importing with the Firefox bookmark manager. It was a bit messy and required cleanup.
  • Importing RSS
    • I still don't have a reader extension, but the OPML Support plugin can import as "Live Bookmarks" (what Firefox natively does with RSS) the OPML files that Opera can export. This will be useful later if/when I find a proper reader extension.
  • Speed dial on new tabs
    • I'm not totally sure why this is necessary, but set your home page to about:newtab to make sure you get the speed dial on new tabs.
  • Show protocol in address bar
    • In about:config change the browser.urlbar.trimURLs setting to false